IEEE IoT Smart Cities Summit 2020
19-20 November 2020 // Rabat, Morocco



Rabat, UNESCO World Heritage, is a cultural city with a rich history. Its streets and public squares are full of masterpieces. Pay a visit to the Kasbah of the Oudaïas, whose grand, majestic silhouette is softened by the surrounding gardens. Not far beyond its walls lies the Chellah, a necropolis that dates to the Marinids. Entering the complex is like journeying to another world: marvel at the ancient remains as you walk through the gardens and glimpse a few storks. Take a relaxing walk along streets of the picturesque Kasbah des Oudaias, with its houses painted with blue parapets, and get amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the art and architecture of the city:  the Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Art houses the works of 200 Moroccan artists, including Hassan Hajjaj and Ahmed Yacoubi; the National Archaeological Museum holds prehistoric and pre-Islamic collections, including many objects uncovered by archaeologists working in Volubilis, Banasa and Thamusida; and the magnificent Casablanca Hassan II Mosque Hassan II, the 2nd largest mosque in Africa, claims the title for the largest minaret in the world!

Rabat is also a modern, environmentally responsible capital that takes pride in its green spaces. It is punctuated by parks, such as the Jardins d’Essais Botaniques and the Bouknadel Exotic Gardens just a few miles from the city. Rabat also has a well-developed ocean front. There are miles of sandy beaches that run along the Atlantic coast all the way to the neighbouring Casablanca.

The city’s modern flair is also evident in its infrastructure and festivals, which guarantee a comfortable, entertaining stay in the capital. All the modern conveniences, from airports and tramways to shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, are at your fingertips. Finally, Rabat celebrates music like no other city: Mawazine, Jazz at the Chellah and other festivals fill the air with joyful sounds and rhythms from around the world!

These all add to the appeal of Rabat, where the treasures of the past coexist with the most modern and eco-friendly achievements.


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Recommended hotels (5 and 4 star)


Sofitel Rabat Jardin Des Roses

La Tour Hassan Palace

The View

Farah Rabat

Dawliz Rabat Resort & Spa



Hotel Le Diwan Rabat – MGallery

NJ Hotel Rabat

ONOMO Hotel Rabat Terminus

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Recommended restaurants and cafés

Here are some traditional places to eat local delicacies, or just to sit, drink some Moroccan mint tea or spiced coffee and enjoy the sites:

Restaurant La Koutoubia

Restaurant Zayyane

Restaurant Dar Naji

Restaurant Green Chili

Patisserie Boulangerie Majestic

Cafe Maure

Cafes Carrion

Cozy Café


Recommended local shopping

Rabat Medina (Old City)

Rue Souk as Sabbat

Rue des Consuls

Ensemble Artisanal


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